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Kansas City, MO


"Imagery, process, and craftsmanship is the primary focus of my work.  I utilize recognizable objects as the basis for each sculpture. I then obsess over the process of bringing my imagination into the 3rd dimension.  In the end I am attempting to create a something that appears natural in this world."

Grenada 103.JPG

Matt Lyczak

Currently working as an artist in Kansas City and employed at a local fine arts foundry Eligius Bronze.  There I am able to continue honing my craft as well as have an convenient location to produce my artwork.


I am a graduate of Kansas State University with a Fine Arts degree in both Sculpture and Ceramics.  While in school, studio time helped me to grow as an artist allowing me to find my vision and style.  Starting as a Ceramics major I had a desire for functional art.  This led me to concentrating on the wheel for three years.  During that time, with a little push from a friend, I started taking Sculpture classes.  Realizing a whole new avenue of possibilities I fell in love with sculpture, and non-functional art.  Quickly, I added Sculpture as a second major and shifted to hand building in Ceramics.

My inspiration comes from a variety of places, my love of toys as a child, the perspective of power and control, and my obsessive interest in the process of making a piece from start to finish.    Looking back at my artwork, I consider myself to be an object maker.  I try to utilize recognizable objects to make a statement about society and life.  Working predominantly in cast bronze I embrace the challenge of creating unique and thought provoking pieces. 

Moving forward I will continue my passion of non-functional art.  Exploring new and exploiting old avenues for my artistic expression, while constantly refining my craft and style.  My desire to create pieces that are functional still exists and I will be producing them along side of my growing body of work.  

Thank you for taking and interest in my work.