Artist Bio

Born and raised in Russell, Kansas Artist/Sculptor Matt Lyczak continues to find a way to be creative and share his artistic expression with those around him. A graduate of Kansas State University he holds Fine Arts Degrees in both Ceramics and Sculpture. After graduation he located to Kansas City using both art degress, starting out teaching ceramic classes for the county parks and rec and later finding an opening at a local fine arts foundry. Sixteen years of foundry work has allowed him to refine his sculpting skills helping others to create their artwork and provided a place to create his own work.

Imagery, process, and craftsmanship is the driving force that carries his inspiration to a finished work. Utilizing simple forms to create his imagery and keeping a strong focus on craftsmanship throughout the entire process. Following old and creating new processes to bring his imagination into the real wold. Predominately working in bronze, he also works with ceramics, wood, plastics, steel, and any other material he can get his hands on. Constantly learning new skills and techniques keeps his inspiration to continue producing work.


Artist Statement

Ideas that are black and white give rise to a world gray with complexity. My sculpture is an exploration into the duality of human nature. Focusing where power and control reside, not only in self but humanity as a whole. Familiar imagery is utilized to reveal this both visually and conceptually. While there is simple and obvious symbolism in the sculpture, one could look beyond the black and white and discover a new perspective.